In the driving seat or riding shotgun, where would you rather be?

Hiring a car while on holiday has often been seen as a practical necessity, an expectation that we at easyCar are trying to surpass. The ease with which you can hire through our website means when you arrive at the airport or rental point it’s often as easy as picking up, jumping in and driving away. No longer a practical necessity but something a whole lot more enjoyable. But what car would you like to be pulling away in?

A recent poll carried out by SkyScanner quizzed participants on their expectations about car hire and exactly what it was they look for when booking. The car that came out on top in this very British survey was perhaps no surprise; the reliable Range Rover proved the most popular hypothetical rental option in the survey, with 25% saying that they would choose this as their ideal car.


The majority of women (40%) said that they would prefer a sports utility vehicle, while 1 in 5 men thought an Aston Martin would be the ideal choice as a rental. 13% of men weren’t concerned what make of car they got so long as it was a convertible. Only 3% of women consider this as an important feature.

The survey also reveals an interesting point about who would like to take the hot seat of the rental; 80% of men would prefer to take to the wheel, while 68% of women would much prefer to ride shotgun.

Having been the backseat driver and driver whilst abroad on multiple occasions I know the fury and frustration that can come when you lose your way in a foreign country, especially surrounded by signs you don’t fully understand. This is why it comes as a shock that Sat Nav was deemed only the third most important feature.

The statistics also reveal our penchant for holidays in sun: the most popular feature was air conditioning. 39% of respondents said this was an absolute essential in any rental car. While we may be on holiday, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have an eye on the purse strings; fuel efficiency was the second most important feature, with just under 1 in 4 people saying this was essential.

To the casual observer, it would seem the respondents have been watching a few too many Bond films. Some of the ‘dream’ features people would like to see sound like they’ve come straight out of Q’s lab. 13% said they would appreciate an amphibious car, reminiscent of the fantastically retro Bond car in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

Perhaps something more likely to have been suggested by Bond than MI6 is the desire for a fridge to store drinks and snacks. Just over 1 in 10 people said this would be a desirable feature. Not forgetting the 27% who just want to chill out, demanding their car has a hands-free autopilot feature.

Feet planted firmly back in the real world, easyCar may not be able to offer some of these more fantastical features but we sure can offer competitive rates and some very nice premium and luxury cars ourselves. Check out our website today to find your own ideal rental car for your next excursion!

5 Reasons Why Driving Provides the Best Holiday Experience

When planning a holiday you should think about the best way to see the attractions and tourist spots in the local area. Ask yourself whether or not you want to rely on local transport systems or take organised coach excursions, which can be hot and uncomfortable at the best of times. Here are five reasons we think car rental will provide the best experience for you and your holiday companions.

1. Choose Your Own Route

Taking control and being behind the wheel gives you the freedom to choose. Choose exactly the route you want to take. Rather than opting to travel on a busy motorway, you could instead take the scenic route through sleepy villages, along the coast or open countryside. You could also plan to stop off and visit other places along your chosen route, places well away from major road or rail routes. You could even stumble upon that secret beach only known to the locals.


2. No Timetable

When you arrive by car at a beautiful location, you have more time to enjoy the experience and see as much as possible. It might be that you want to spend time on the beach, grab one last coffee or even catch a lie in before your travels. Car rental means you can take as much time as you need and you don’t need to worry about getting back to the coach or the train station on time. You can relax more and enjoy your holiday at your own pace.

3. Unexpected Diversions

Exploring by car can take you to places you never planned to go. On the way to a destination, or on the return journey, you might see a sign pointing to an unexpected attraction. You might decide to take a detour and explore the area. Having control of your destination also means you don’t have to stay somewhere that you’re not enjoying. Sometimes getting lost can be the best way to find new places and experience new things. Those hidden locations feel all the better for having found them of your own accord.


4. Travelling Together

With car rental you can choose the right size of car for you and your family or friends to fit into comfortably. It is much easier to keep children safe in the back seats and you will not be forced to sit (or stand) apart on a crowded bus or train. Because at the end of the day, the reason you travel with loved ones is to be close to them. What better way than hitting the open road with those closest to you?

5. That sense of achievement

If you’ve ever driven in a foreign country you know that feeling of satisfaction and achievement you feel when you hit your destination. Pulling up, parking and switching off the engine you will feel that great sense that explorers in years have felt when they find a new destination. Channel your inner Columbus and opt to rent a car.

If you are used to public transport or going on organised coach excursions you would not have the same opportunities that car rental provides. Rather than being herded around in a coach, bus or train, you can have better holiday experiences by driving to places of interest and getting off the beaten track. easyCar can help you find the perfect rental car for your holiday abroad.

Better to drive: 5 Reasons to avoid the airport transfer and make sure you have a car waiting for you


There’s something vastly different between a break or holiday with your own transport to the homogenous airport transfer, hotel and back routine.

In many parts of Europe you will miss out on the hidden gems and the excitement of driving off to unknown pleasures with only the mythical guidance of a local enthusiast.

Having a car means you can avoid the tourist traps, avoid the crowds and feel like you are creating your own unique memories, rather than those in a 1970s holiday brochure.

Here are 5 things you would really struggle to do, without your own transport:

1. A drive to the beautiful La Pelosa beach in Sardinia, 40km from the stunning town of Alghero and well worth the drive

2. La route du bord de mer from Nice, a coastal stretch along the French Riviera that takes in the lovely coastal town of Antibes and vistas of the Alps.

3. A detour to the road over the Great St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland for some of the best alpine views (Clarkson voice) in the world.

4. Continuing the alpine theme, the Hahntennjoch pass in Austria, while not for the faint hearted, is glorious and not particularly famous, so you might be lucky with the traffic.

5. And, probably the grand-daddy, featured in National Geographic’s 500 drives of a lifetime, the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Gorgeous coastlines, fantastic food, friendly locals and those heart-breakingly beautiful towns that Italy does best, make this one for the bucket list.

See, with wheels wins, almost every time.