The best foodie experiences around the world

There are so many specialties around the world, it’s impossible to fit them all into one article! However, we’ve picked a few of our favourite dining options from across the globe…

Italian Delights

People literally queue up for the best pizza in Naples. Marinara and margherita are the classics – most truly traditional neapolitan restaurants will only offer these two options.  Every bite is savoured by those who have tried it: From the rustic, chewy base, to the freshness of the toppings. Go and find a real Neapolitan pizza. You won’t regret it.

Spanish Temptations

Spain is a big country, and variations of tapas differ slightly depending on where you visit. Patatas bravas, for example, may be served with a spicy tomato sauce or aioli depending on where you are. There are many forms of croquetas, their fillings ranging from fish to cheese to vegetables. Montaditos are popular in Madrid – mini sandwiches usually costing around a euro. Basque culture can be tasted in bite-size pintxo. Generally, these consist of artisan breads piled high with tempting toppings and secured into place with cocktail stick.

Taste of Thai

Heading to Southeast Asia? You’re in luck. From pad thai served up by street vendors to fancy restaurant curries, this part of the world is the perfect place to impress your taste buds. Aromatic smells and flavours permeate the air, and this is one of the best value parts of the world to enjoy a feast.

Swiss Sensation

Enjoy a warming cheese fondue in the mountains. The chill in the air will be more than remedied by a bubbling pot of melted goodness. Dip in bread, potatoes and apples and clink glasses to the incredible view. Try visiting the village of Châtel-Saint-Denis – it’s renowned for its fondue.

New York Grub

Wander the streets of New York City and find a street vendor or cafe selling bagels. New York bagels are known for their shiny, glazed crust, and should have a chewy, slightly tangy inside. From classic plain bagel origins, now fancy flavours and fillings have been born. From pumpernickel to peanut butter, garlic to grape, you can have them pretty much anyway you choose.

French Delicacies

Whether you’re a crepe or a croissant kind of person, in Paris you’ll find the best of them both. Fresh, fluffy buttery pastry for breakfast, and perfectly light crepes for lunch. Sitting outside an idyllic street-side cafe embracing the romantic ambience, you won’t want to be anywhere else.

Argentinean Specialties

The steak capital of South America, Buenos Aires is full of parrillas (steak houses).  Finding a good one isn’t hard.  Their passion of cooking with beef is obvious – some restaurants breed their own cattle. Either way, you’ll find most restaurants serving up one tasty Argentinian barbecue.

Jamaican Vibes

Jerk chicken is pretty synonymous with Jamaican culture. Marinated in the most aromatic combination of spices, this tasty dish is often cooked up on the roadside, fresh off the grill. Grab a piece, and pick your favourite sides – corn bread, plantain, rice and peas, sweet potatoes, the list goes on.

Turkish Treats

The great thing about meze is that they are small plates. It’s easy to try a bit of everything. And there is so many tempting dishes to choose from. Hummus and flatbreads; stuffed vine leaves; grilled seafood; pastries and fried vegetables.

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