7 Exhilarating Travel Experiences

You’ll need a trip around the world to tick all of these off your bucket list, but if you’re in need of some inspiration for your next expedition, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of 7 thrilling travel experiences. Which one is up your street? 

Diving with Danger

There are a range of ways to experience underwater life these days, however for ultimate thrills try diving with sharks. Not only is this an adrenaline junkie’s dream, the best places to swim with the biggest fish in the ocean just happen to be some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Try the Bahamas, Fiji and the Maldives for starters.

Oh, and if sharks aren’t your thing, in Oz you can jump into the Cage of Death and share the waters with 5 metre crocs.

Sunrise Safari


See Africa and its spectacular array of wildlife from a different perspective – hot air ballooning over the vast plains of Kenya. You won’t get a lie in on this particular morning, as balloons head out at some pretty antisocial hours! But with likely sightings ranging from elephants and giraffes to lions and black rhino, and a champagne breakfast afterwards, what more could you want?

Dining Out


Ever been on a crane? Didn’t think so. Well this global concept is taking dining out to new heights. If you seek a thrilling dinner, then it’s hard to imagine somewhere better than this. The Belgium born Dinner in the Sky now tours the world, so see what view you could nab next time it comes to town.

Flying Fantasy

La Casa Del Arbol, Ecuador, is a delightful tree house built in the most unusual of places. Close to the stratovolcano, Tungurahua, on a clear day views of its peak are possible. Here, you can swing off the end of the world, floating above green mountains after a long hike. Is there anything more peaceful than that? Due to its popularity, more swings have now been added, but for $1 a turn, it’s still a pretty good value thrill!

Skydiving Scare


Skydiving is possible in so many iconic parts of the world, but more recently it became possible to do so above Mount Everest. This once in a lifetime thrill is perhaps the ultimate bucket list item, but with prices in the region of $25,000, it will take most of us a lifetime to afford it.

Awesome Aurora Boreali


Lapland. Snowmobile. Northern Lights. Put all three together and you’ve got one thrilling travel experience. If you’d prefer, you can travel by reindeer or dog sled. Whichever suits, head into the arctic night and embrace the best that Finland has to offer.

Dive into the Deep


Deep inside the Great Blue Hole of Belize, there is as much sea life as you might expect. There is little sunlight, therefore the conditions beneath this unimaginable chasm do not support life too well. But, the stark emptiness of this sink hole, makes for eerily thrilling diving. 


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