Things to do in and around Christchurch

If you’ve just touched down  in New Zealand’s Christchurch, we suspect you know what an amazing trip you’re in for. Situated on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, it is the oldest established city and the third largest urban settlement in the country, after Auckland and Wellington.

Urban Exploration

We recommend you start your adventure by introducing yourself to the city centre using Christchurch’s picturesque tramway system.  Originally designed as a means of public transport, it ceased operating in 1954 and it was reintroduced as a tourist attraction in 1995. There is even a tramway restaurant on board that offers an unforgettable experience, with unique sightseeing and delicious food all in one. If that’s not your thing, you can choose to enjoy a delicious Kiwi meal, or take your pick from the many international cuisines available. In this case, we recommend the famed Nobanno restaurant, where it’s rumoured that you can eat the best Bengali food in the whole of New Zealand.

Make sure you don’t miss the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral and be sure to visit some of the many squares and gardens of the city. The numerous parks and green spaces are reflected in Christchurch’s alternative name,  ‘The Garden City.’ After an invigorating walk in the city centre, enjoy a drink in one of the many bars and cafes, and if you’re lucky, you can witness some of the city’s vibrant music scene.


Embracing the landscape

Christchurch offers unforgettable scenery, nestled between the mountain ranges of the Southern Alps, the tall volcanic hills of the Banks Peninsula, and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. The Banks Peninsula offers numerous walking tracks, providing space for the body and mind to rejuvenate. If you feel like swimming, there are lots of options too. Choose from one of the many magnificent beaches off the Pacific Coast for a perfect day in the sunshine. New Brighton and Pines Beach are two of the most popular destinations, offering various fun, family activities.


Exploring the nearby attractions

If you feel really adventurous, and there’s no reason not to, you can take a proper trip to one of the close-by ski fields. Just a 90 minutes car ride from Christchurch there is the Mount Hutt ski area, the biggest resort in the region of Canterbury. With over 350 hotels, Mount Hutt offers activities for every season. From skiing in the July winter of the Southern Hemisphere, or just relaxing in an alpine spa, to hiking, hot air ballooning and bungee jumping in the January summer, this trip is not one to be missed.

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