Things to do in and around Honolulu

If you’re on your way to Honolulu, Hawaii, you’re about to embark on a trip to paradise. What makes this place different from other tropical destinations is that Honolulu will actually meet all the expectations you might have from postcards, films or your imagination. It really does have all those dreamy beaches, leaning palm trees, buzzing nightlife and endless clear waters.

Whether you’re a surfer, looking to ride the huge waves or a romantic dreaming of the picturesque Waikiki beach, Honolulu won’t disappoint you. This magnificent city hidden in the middle of the Pacific is the best place to be for both honeymooners and big families.

One of the Best Cities in the World

Honolulu is the state capital of Hawaii and the most populous city. It is located on Oahu, which is Hawaii’s most visited island. Honolulu actually means calm port but the city is quite the opposite. This vibrant location buzzes with tourists and surfers, and is home to a great selection of restaurants that are always full.

Downtown Honolulu is the main financial district of the city, busy with business centres, banks and futuristic buildings. Take a walk on Bishop Street to see Hawaii’s Wall Street and snap a few panoramic photos from the top floor of Aloha Tower.  As well as the modern financial buildings, in this part of the city you’ll also find some historical sites of great significance. Not many know that Hawaii hasn’t had a proper monarchy until 1893. A national historic landmark where you can research into Hawaiian history is the beautiful Iolani Palace. The royal settlement was the official residence of the two last monarchs of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

For a relaxing afternoon away from the heat, visit Hawaii State Art Museum. Here are a selection of great collections to browse. Come away feeling like you have a greater understand of Hawaiian indigenous culture. The free to attend museum is set in a superb building and houses a varied collection of paintings, photos and mixed-media.

You can leave your jackets at the hotel, because it’s always warm in Hawaii. But if you are a hiking enthusiast, prepare for some chilly moments! Enjoy a picturesque hike on Diamond Head, the famous former volcano. At the top, expect to be impressed by a magical view of both the city and the ocean. The trails leading to the top are quite steep but on the way you’ll get the chance to admire some fascinating tropical plants.

Driving around

Situated on along the south shore coast of Honolulu is the wonderful Waikiki neighborhood. This area is known as the biggest touristic hub of Honolulu and when you get there you will understand why. Along the shore you will find elegant five star hotels and exclusive restaurants. Here, you can spot celebrities along with some welcome cheaper dining alternatives. Some of the best restaurants in Oahu can be found in the Waikiki area, such as Duke’s. At this famous restaurant you can eat high-end food while lounging barefoot, umbrella cocktail in hand, experiencing the surfing lifestyle. The borough of Waikiki is blessed with turquoise water, white sand beaches and amazing waves – a paradise for surfers and lovers of water sports. But if you’re a beginner, don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of places that do surf lessons for first timers.

If Waikiki is too crowded for your taste, there are plenty of other options when it comes to sandy beaches. Try Sunset Beach, a wide golden beach perfect for a day away from the crowds of tourists. Here you can dive into the clear water or if you prefer staying on the surface, snorkel.

You can’t leave Honolulu before visiting the Pearl Harbor memorial. During the World War II, a Japanese aircraft bombed the US ships from Pearl Harbor causing a deadly attack.

So start counting the days before you get to visit the eclectic Honolulu, as you might have just the best holiday so far.


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