Five of the most remote destinations in the world

Travelling to hard to reach, Instagrammable places is all the rage these day. From highland retreats to untouched beaches, there are so many choices when it comes to giving people serious holiday-envy. We’ve made a list of the most remote destinations in the world that would be worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Have a read, and see which ones you would like to add to your bucket list.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, located in Southern Atlantic Ocean. It has a total population of 262 people who make their living as farmers and craft makers. The closest city to Tristan da Cunha is Cape Town, which is 2810 kilometres away. The only way to reach the island is by boat, as there is no airport, so this takes around 5-6 days.

Although nowadays the island has some television stations and access to the internet due to satellites placed nearby, the archipelago remains the most remote place on earth. So, if at any point in your life you want to spend a few days away from the madding crowd, start planning a trip to this far away island.

Easter Island

Easter Island is a small Chilean island in the Pacific Ocean that became famous for the 887 giant moai monoliths, created by the early Rapa Nui people. Even though it is incredibly remote, the island it’s widely known and visited. In 1995, these iconic statues became part of the Unesco heritage, but these are only a small part of the wonders that will delight you while visiting the island.

One of the most interesting things to do here is meeting and interacting with the locals and exploring its natural beauty by foot or bike. Accommodation wise, you’ll find a wide selection of places you can spend the night at, ranging from luxury hotels to hostels and lodges.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is situated in Southern Siberia and it’s the largest and deepest freshwater lake  in the world. It’s surrounded by forest, mountains and wilderness, offering a breathtaking area of natural beauty. Here you can admire more than 2 000 species of plants and animals, many of them endemic, like the earless nerpa – a one of a kind species of seal.

Many travellers take the Trans-Siberian train to get there, and there are many small villages nearby which offer cheap rooms. Some of these include: Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and Slyudyanka. We recommend you take the Trans-Siberian for a mesmerising experience, across one of the most famous and fascinating  train routes in the world.

Deception Island

Deception Island is an island with one of the safest harbours in Antarctica and it is situated in the caldera of an active volcano. Here you can enjoy taking a swim in the geothermally heated water and be surrounded by mountains covered with snow.

Make sure you don’t miss out exploring the remains of Hektor Whaling Station and the largest cemetery in Antarctica.


Changtang is part of the high altitude Tibetan Plateau in western and northern Tibet where you can be completely alone for days. This was confirmed by a Swedish explorer who did not see any human being for 81 days in a row! If the solitude is not an issue for you, a trip to this amazing place will not disappoint, with its breathtaking natural surroundings. Since there are no paved roads, the only way to get around is on yaks.

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