What to Look for in a Holiday Home Location


Who doesn’t dream of having their own peaceful retreat, away from the city traffic and crowds? But, choosing the perfect location of your dream holiday home is no easy thing. Buying a holiday home is an extremely important decision as you will be investing in a place intended to make you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. It’s good to have high expectations, but you should be always be realistic to avoid disappointment.


Why are you buying?

When in doubt, making a list of what you want out of the location could prove helpful. Are you a passionate swimmer, do you like sunbathing or are you a mountain hiking expert? A lot of your favorite holiday activities depend a lot on the weather, landscape and surroundings. If you want sunny days and warmth, you should be prepared to look abroad. In the incredible region of Puglia, south Italy, close to the Mediterranean with Baroque cities such as Lecce, you can find houses under £80,000. Alicante, Spain has one of the biggest communications of Britons seeking sun. But if you prefer to hike in picturesque forested surroundings, then a home in an area such as Lake District might be right for you and not too far from home.


How will you travel there?

Monsaraz Village in Alentejo

If you have kids, it probably makes more sense to keep it local and buy somewhere in West Sussex, which is not only the cheapest place to buy a holiday property but it’s close to the coast and to the beautiful city of Brighton. If you are up for flying you can get some really great deals on holiday property in Portugal or Spain. As Porto and Lisbon have become expensive, we recommend Alentejo, an equally beautiful region with many vineyards and lush greenery. Another important question you’ll need to ask is: how far is the desired house from the airport? If you have a busy schedule at work maybe it’s not worth of sacrificing a day to get there and a day to get back home.


The financial aspect

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

Even if your intention is to buy a holiday home for your own use, there might come a time when you would like to rent it out. Are you looking for a 5 bedroom home with a pool or a city-based apartment?

The price is a factor that can be decisive when choosing to opt for a particular destination. It’s worth to know that Bulgaria is the most affordable country to buy a house in, the average price being around £90,000. You can buy a lovely apartment in one of the small towns facing the Black Sea, within a short walk to a sandy beach.


How do you decide?

Decisions, decisions …This is perhaps the most difficult part of the whole process. The world wide web offers a huge variety of websites that work as online estate agencies. This offers you the possibility of looking for a house remotely giving you greater flexibility.

If it is feasible, search for your perfect location by wandering the local area during the weekend and look at the ads for sale displayed on the street or ask the locals. This gives you a feel for the locality at the same time.


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