Luxury Travel on a Budget: The Best Bits

There was once a time when luxury holidays were reserved only for the rich and famous. Over the past couple of decades, however, luxury destinations have become more and more affordable, especially if you’re prepared to compromise a bit on accommodation and transport. Here are our top tips on taking a luxury holiday without paying premium prices.

Camping & Guest Houses


As the oft-quoted saying goes, ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination.’ Consider the accommodation to be your destination, and your holidays may turn out a lot cheaper if you bear this simple truism in mind.

If you don’t have the budget for a hotel, look into camping. A luxury destination that offers excellent camping opportunities is Bali. From luxury tents to small, affordable ones, and locations ranging from seaside sights to mountain views, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

If you’re planning an escapade to a classic honeymoon destination such as the Maldives, then staying in a guest house is the ideal choice. Usually family-run and affordable, guest houses are the cheaper alternative to hotels. By not choosing an exclusive 5 star hotel on a private island, you have the chance to experience the local life, eat, drink and explore locals’ favourite places. For £25- £50 a night, you can expect a cozy, spacious bedroom with air conditioning, en suite bathroom, wifi, fresh towels every day and room cleaning with breakfast included.

Get a campervan


Campervans are homes on wheels and an affordable way to explore your country of  choice. By driving around with your little camper, you’ll be able to stop not at one luxury destination but any destination along the road!

Whether you’re after a romantic trip on the chic Italian Amalfi coast or a relaxing holiday exploring the surfing beaches of Australia, a van is often the most economical way to travel. If you hire one with a  small oven, you can also avoid paying a fortune for food every day. Aside from the flexibility and freedom that hiring a campervan offers, the best part is you’ll get to be on the same picturesque beaches as those who’ve paid a fortune for their accommodation.

Don’t go too far from home


It might seem obvious, but  a long haul flight is likely to be more expensive than a short haul one. This is an important factor to consider when you’re planning a holiday. If you want to spend less on the flights, choose a destination closer to home and use the leftover money to pay for a few holiday treats such as a  spa day or a fancy dinner. We promise you that there are plenty of amazing destinations just  stones throw away from where you live, ready and waiting to be discovered.

Pick the right country in the off-season


When planning your next holiday, it is worth noting that prices can differ greatly according to country, currency, location and time of year. Fortunately, there are places where you can find a 5-star hotel at bargain prices and where you can eat delicious food without emptying your wallet. Just choose a less mainstream  location and compromise a bit on the travel dates in order to secure the off-season offers. These sorts of locations will vary –  South Asia to South America are obvious choice, but up and coming travel destinations that are worth exploring are the countries of Eastern Europe. Offering good prices on hotels and food, in countries such as Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, you can live like a king without the need for a hefty bank account.

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