Top 5 adventure and wildlife experiences

If you’re tired of the classic flight hotel city-centre kind of holiday, we have the ultimate challenge for you: a new set of adventurous destinations for intrepid, thrill-seeking travellers. Buckle up and challenge yourself with some of the most beautiful and unusual experiences that the world has to offer…

Galapagos Islands

This volcanic archipelago is amongst the most protected and well-known island groups in the Pacific Ocean. A part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands were at the centre of Charles Darwin’s study and his HMS Beagle voyage. Because the islands host such a variety of endemic species, this is an experience you will remember forever. Enjoy unique bird watching, discover extraordinary reptiles and dive into the crystal clear sea to swim with the dolphins. If you want to see the islands from the ocean, why not recharge your batteries on one of the small boats and yachts that offer accommodation?


Take a walk on the immense frozen Lake Khövsgöl near the Russian border and go wolf spotting in the forests of the north. Lose yourself in the wilderness, amongst the white-tailed gazelle of the Gobi desert, the Argali mountain sheep in the glacial canyons and the Lammergeier vulture in the sandstone cliffs of the south. Then, discover and enjoy cultural jewels of Mongolia such as the horse-sleigh racing and wrestling contests of the important Mongolian Ice Festival. Afterwards, treat yourself to a good night’s sleep in a warm yurt.


The Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world and hosts over a third of all known species of animal and plant. Because of this, it has many fitting nicknames including, ‘the lungs of the world’ and ‘the world’s largest pharmacy.’ You may want to plan your trip around May or June, as these months follow the February-April rainy season—there really is nothing like manoeuvering a canoe through the flooded rainforest! Use the city of Manaus in Brazil as your point of departure and let your jungle experience begin. The Amazon boasts lodges with varying degrees of comfort, adventure and unique wildlife spotting possibilities around every corner, and the chance to gain completely new perspective of the world—one which will surpass your wildest expectations.


You can spend 30 years searching for the remarkable and elusive snow leopard without spotting one. Challenge accepted? Because this big cat is as rare and endangered as it is beautiful and extraordinary, less than 2,500 are thought to be reproducing in the wild. However, the Himalayan  mountain range of Asia is a good place to look for them. Five of the best national parks to for leopard spotting are: Hemis, the largest, the Great Himalayan National Park, where the brown bear also resides, Gangotri, Khangchendzonga and Namdapha. In addition, there are many tours on offer giving you the opportunity to see tigers, dholes, wolves, the Asiatic black bear, ibex, musk deer and all the other wildlife that define the very spirit of these regions.


Hours and hours flying south…Buenos Aires to Ushuaia.  This is where your magical, Antarctic trip begins. On arrival, you can inhale a satisfying breath of fresh air—and the great white continent has plenty to fill your lungs with. The best explorers have tackled the South Pole over the centuries, but you don’t need to be as intrepid as them: you can see the albatross without fearing it, cruise and kayak along the icebergs to spot the whales, perch next to penguin colonies, hike on the ice continent and climb the peaks for a breathtaking view. You can even scuba-dive, because if you’re in Antarctica you must, of course, not fear the cold.


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