Top Things To Do In and Around Cape Town


Do you often dream of travelling to a destination that has both idyllic beaches and high green mountains, both picturesque harbors and scenic gardens? In this case, the answer to your dream holiday is probably Cape Town. Luckily for you, Central Cape Town is perhaps the safest African city center, where tourists can take walk and explore without worrying too much about personal safety.



The city of sapphire beaches and emerald mountains

Reachable by cable car (or by hiking, but only by the brave) Table Mountain makes one of the best views of Cape Town that can possibly be seen. After a well deserved photo stop on the top of the mountain, let’s assume that you are brave enough to hike all the way down. If you chose to do so, you will have the chance to visit Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, one of the world’s most renowned botanical gardens.

After visiting Table Mountain, don’t miss Cape Town’s beautiful historical harbor. When you get to the Victoria and Alfred waterfront you will be amazed by the multitude of shops and restaurants that simply invite you in. If you’re looking for lunch, we recommend Hildebrand Ristorante where you can enjoy fresh oysters and delicious pasta dishes.


Cape Town is also famous for its beautiful beaches. We should start with Clifton Beach, a stunning sandy beach, a short drive from the city center. If swimming and sunbathing are top priorities for your visit, we recommend visiting Cape Town sometime between late January and late April. Then, you’ll still be able to enjoy the amazing warm weather and the less crowded beaches.


The most cosmopolitan African city

As Cape Town is considered to be a ‘European city in Africa’, its has its own riviera, similar to the French. Camps Bay is frequently called South Africa’s ‘ Saint Tropez’ and if you go there you will understand why. Full of chic terraces and cool restaurants, Camps Bay is a serious competition to its French sister city.


Let’s now talk about the urban side of Cape Town. This vibrant city is full of art galleries, cafes, restaurants and clubs. A trip to Cape Town is not complete without going to Long Street. If you don’t have the time to visit a nearby vineyard – as Cape Town area is also famous for its wine – just pop by any bar on Long Street so you can taste a big variety of local wines. It’s going to be a long night.


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