Top Things To Do In and Around Calgary

There’s plenty to explore in Calgary. The city is becoming more and more cosmopolitan as a lot of new start-ups are choosing Calgary as their base of operations.



A young and thriving city

Let’s start by exploring the downtown and then move outwards towards the surrounding areas of Calgary. If it’s your first visit, we suggest going straight to the Calgary Tower for a dazzling view of the city. If you’ve already fallen in love with the spot, we recommend staying for dinner at the tower’s rotating restaurant.

Once you feel you’ve taken in enough of the beautiful view, start your journey by foot in downtown Calgary. The city’s center is relatively compact, making it easy to cover most of the highlights in a single day. The best start can be a walk on Stephan Avenue. Make sure you’re not in a rush as you’ll be tempted to stop by the inviting shops and cafes. After the shopping spree you may want to enjoy some authentic craft beer in one of the most hipster bars that Calgary has to offer- Hop In A Brew.


If you want to get to know Calgary even better, take a tour of the The Glenbow Museum for an outstanding experience. The art and historical collections provides tourists a more complete view and understanding of Alberta and West Canada’s heritage and history. The museum has a unique approach, showcasing a bit of everything, from ethnology and military history to photography and modern art.


Stepping back in time

Going to the Heritage Park Historical Village feels like stepping back in time to the early days of the Wild West. During your walk you’ll notice that the park has four main areas, reflecting distinct historical periods, from the late 1800 until the 1950s. Just as in those times, you will see a hotel, a post office, a police station, stores and bakeries. But the best part of your visit will definitely be the chance to ride in an authentic steam train around the entire park. And when no one’s looking, you can pretend you’re in a cowboy movie- we won’t tell!


Moving further to the scenic beauty of West Canada, a 2-hour drive from Calgary will take you to Johnston Canyon. And you can’t really say you’ve been to Canada unless you enjoy a day hiking to one of its landscapes of natural beauty and wilderness. The scenery will stun you the moment you step out of the car: high mountains topped with white powdery snow, beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. The hike is easy and can be done by any nature lover. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you’ll want to look at the photos again and again.


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