Things to do in Melbourne


Melbourne: the sleek, chic and cosmopolitan capital of Victoria. While that may be true, Australia’s cultural hub doesn’t fail to acknowledge its history nor the unique natural environment it finds itself in. Book your car hire Melbourne with and maximise your experience of this magnificent city and everything it has to offer.

Melbourne by air

What better way to begin your trip to Melbourne than by getting to grips with the entire city at once? The Eureka Skydeck is the highest observation point in Melbourne, at an impressive 297m high, and was completed in 2006. Tourists are propelled to the 88th floor in 38 seconds by the lift and can enjoy a variety of experiences: the ‘walk experience’ allows the wannabe daredevils (who have too much sense) to walk a green screen as if they were actually tightrope walking at that height, as French aerialist Phillip Petit did at the Twin Towers in 1974 for 90 minutes! We advise doing this in early evening for one of the most unforgettable sunsets you will ever have the chance to behold. To get up close and personal with the city by air, why not try Hot Air Ballooning? Melbourne is one of the few cities that allows this incredible adventure to happen right above its skyline.  


A culture through the ages

Whilst Melbourne’s skyline changes from day to day, there are still some splendid examples of older architecture. St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by celebrated English architect William Butterfield in a gothic revival style and completed by local architect Joseph Reed in 1891 owing to a series of disputes over the church’s direction. Sublimely ornate both inside and out, this building’s beauty transcends religious belief. That’s not to say, however, that Melbourne is stuck in the past. The laneways that have now become characteristic of Melbourne are a canvas for the city’s numerous street artists. Our top pick, Flinders Court, is just adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral, which amongst other works, has an enchanting portrait of Audrey Hepburn whose intricacies have to be seen to be believed. To us, it is a most fascinating amalgamation of old and new.


This city is wild!

Located 4km north of the city centre, Melbourne Zoo, modelled on the UK’s very own London Zoo, is Australia’s oldest, dating back to 1870, and occupies a 55 acre site bestowed by the city ’s administration. The zoo’s residents are often divided by their climate: the African zone houses gorillas, lions and pigmy hippos, the Aussie bush features koalas and kangaroos and the Asian zone presents orang-utans, elephants and tigers. However, if you fancy peeping the local wildlife in their natural habitat, we recommend Healesville Sanctuary, an hour’s drive from the city centre. Alternatively, you could take your car hire Melbourne 2 hours through the state of Victoria for a day trip to Phillip Island, where Happy Feet manifests itself in real life; you can marvel at thousands of fairy penguins journeying to shore every evening in what is known as the ‘Penguin Parade’. Where else would you ever be able to witness such a special moment?


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