Things to do in Bali

Sacred pilgrimage site, cultural treasure trove and natural oasis, the reason Bali emerged as a tourist destination in the 1980s is crystal clear. Rent a car with easyCar and avoid the hassle of haggling with local taxi services or the discomfort of cramped local minibuses. Take full advantage of what this blissful Indonesian island has to offer.

Theme Park Fun

Bali forms part of the Coral Triangle, one of the most aquatically biodiverse areas in the world. Discover this marine life, and their terrestrial friends, at Bali Safari & Marine Park. Enjoy 60 species from 3 different regions (Indonesia, India and Africa) roaming free in naturalistic surroundings from the comfort and the safety of the safari bus. Hit up the waterpark fun-zone perfect for kids, or Ganesha Park, introduced by an imposing 30ft statue of Hindu god Ganesha, which serves also as an entrance to Bali Theatre. Here, the island’s strong cultural traditions are available for all to see via folklore, dance, and art. After this, interact with land’s largest mammal and other African creatures at the Elephant Back Safari. All this lies just 40 minutes’ drive from capital Denpasar, Bali’s capital.

Rent a car with easyCar and meet an orangutan like this one at Bali Safari & Marine Park

Striking Temples

Bali is a mainstay of Indonesia’s Hindu population, and as such, there are is a plethora of temples waiting to be discovered. Paying homage to the sea god Baruna, Tanah Lot is arguably Bali’s most popular cultural destination and is a picturesque hour’s drive from the beaches of Kuta. The marriage of the sapphire blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the crimson gleam that envelops the the temple’s rocky formations at sunset evokes a feeling of mystery and exoticness that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

tanah lot edited

Situated on the Southwestern peninsula, an hour in the other direction from Kuta, and overlooking the Indian Ocean, the clifftop Uluwatu Temple is another worth visiting. Fire kecak dances at sunset are performed at the adjacent amphitheatre and the small forest that abuts it is home to hundreds of monkeys, said to guard the place from malevolent forces. We cannot think of a better way to acquaint yourself with the spirituality that guides the way Bali’s locals live.

The Heavenly Outdoors

A 2 hour escape by rental car up the eastern shore from the touristy zones of southern Bali, experience a way of life that seems to us unimaginable. The vast expanses of rice fields characteristic of the Tabanan region really is a sight to behold. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in planting seeds and transplanting shoots for an experience that really makes you appreciate how much work goes into producing our food! The reward for your labour? A Balinese bath and massage to relax you to your core!

Rent a car with easyCar in Bali and experience first hand the Ubud Rice Fields.

What is a trip to Bali without visiting the beach? Kuta beach, whilst beautiful and totally surfable, is plagued with a sizeable number of tourists. For that true paradise ambience, stay somewhat off the beaten track and drive to Nyang Nyang Beach. Picture this: a horizon of unspoiled sands of a brilliant white, bisected by the aquamarine of the ocean. Located just to the right of Uluwatu Temple, treat yourself to your own corner of bliss. Keep it on the down low though; we don’t want it getting out!


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