Things to do in Tenerife

Tenerife, pearl of the Canary Islands, is frequented annually by around five million tourists, thanks, in no small part, to the variety of activities on offer. Given its reputation as a European centre of tourism,  you may be forgiven for thinking that Tenerife’s wonders have been aggrandised over the years. However, by renting with easyCar in Tenerife, we are absolutely certain that you will find something to satisfy all tastes and that, whatever you chose, its reputation will be fully warranted.


The Eco-Tourist


Although there are some exceptionally developed resorts on the island, such as Costa Adeje (rumoured to be a favourite holiday spot of the Beckhams), Tenerife still delivers outstanding natural beauty. For the wayfaring ecotourist, there is Teide National Park, home of active volcano Teide (12,198ft high) whose eruptions have carved the island’s landscape for centuries. Conquering the mountain may require a permit, but the views and the first-hand experience of the island’s biodiversity you gain are completely worth it!

If heights aren’t your thing, Teide Observatory, built in 1964, offers incredible views of the constellations and is perfect for stargazing (a Tenerife tradition dating back to Charles Piazzi Smyth’s nineteenth century research on Mount Guajara). A late night picnic under the stars with your beloved, far away from the island’s hustle and bustle, will be a memory that stays with you both for a long time.


Active Traveller

Our well of outdoorsy ideas hasn’t dried up just yet! Los Gigantes Diving School, and the many others like it towards the South of the island, afford you the opportunity to fraternise with Tenerife’s marine life; you may even spot the illustrious and ever evasive sea turtle! Alternatively, for those who don’t fancy a one-on-one encounter with a shark or barracuda, there is Thai-themed Siam Park water park. The park is noteworthy for purveying attractions for even the smallest of children, as well as for offering a joint package with Loro Praque Zoo, Puerto de la Cruz, known worldwide for its extraordinary range of fauna and diligent animal care. For quintessential family fun, it’s definitely not one to miss!

Holidays are the perfect excuse to try something different and, when it comes to paragliding, the island has over 40 places to try out. For the absolute beginners, you can be accompanied by an expert who can steer you across quaint villages, verdant hills and large expanses of luscious beaches. Para42 provides such flights for €90 each, or beginner’s courses at €695. Experienced paragliders even have the opportunity to paraglide off Mount Teide!


With both sea and air adventures taken care of, why not relax with feet firmly on land at one of Tenerife’s splendid golf resorts? You could opt for a clifftop golf experience offered by BuenaVista Golf in North West Tenerife, just a half hour drive from the resorts in South Tenerife. Rates are very reasonable too, with green fees starting from €57 for the full 18-hole course.


Sun, Sea and Sights


A pleasant 40 minute drive around the eastern edge of the island from Costa Adeje, you will find the Pyramids of Güímar, a series of six rectangular free-standing lava stone structures, excavated in 1998 which have been dated to the 19th Century. The source of much archeological interest, a museum has now developed around the site including an information centre and a museum holding artefacts found during the excavation. For the culture vultures out there, it definitely is an interesting sight to behold and gives an usual insight into how Tenerife was before it became the world-famous tourist destination that it is today.

Santa Cruz is Tenerife’s capital and home to La Laguna University, which has origins dating back to 1701 and various faculties housed in interesting buildings. Cultural offerings in the city include the Auditorio de Tenerife (the Canary Island Parliamentary buildings) and Plaza de España (a tax-free haven for those looking to shop for big international brands). Just up the seafront is Plaza de la Candelaria, where La Obelisco de la Candelaria, one of Santa Cruz’s main sculptures, lies.  Furthermore, every February Santa Cruz also hosts the second biggest annual carnival after Rio de Janeiro. Recent themes have been Bollywood, and the Roaring 80s; next year, the theme is the Caribbean.

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