The Interactive World Map of Top Tens

If you’re interested in travel, or the cultures, languages and achievements of this world’s many nations, you’ve found the right place.

 What is the most visited country in the world? Or the friendliest? Where is the most affordable? If these are the type of questions that plague you then we may just have the interactive map for you. We’re on a quest to bring you some of the most interesting, informative and downright bizarre top 10 lists you’re likely to find online.

 How does Papua New Guinea rank with Nigeria, or Iceland with Burkina Faso? To find out click on the below image, this will take you through to the easyCar interactive ‘World Map of Top 10s.’

 We’ll be frequently adding more lists and content to this map so please do come back and check on us. 

 If there are any subjects you would particularly like to see, then drop us a comment below.

 Enjoy exploring.

World Map of International Top 10s

Click here for the full-size map.

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