Our favourite travel bloggers Volume 1: Nomadic Matt

Despite there being a host of informative travel books describing the most successful and popular methods for exploring the world with tightened purse strings, the explosion of travel blogs, forums and websites has made all this information readily available online.

Lets face it, if you’re researching how to get to Kuala Lumpur in 2 weeks for £17, you may be unwilling to splash out £30 on a hardback book of travel tips.

The above Google Trends screenshot demonstrates the popularity for the search terms ‘travel guides’ vs ‘travel blog.’ Sadly, as is the case in so many areas, the digital world is encroaching on the world of publishing.


Our new series

With summer approaching it’s time to get your holidays booked and transport sorted. With this in mind we are going to be recommending some of our favourite travel bloggers and sites to digest and explore before you depart on your annual trip.

We want not only to inspire and inform, but also entertain. Some of these writers really do have the gift of the gab and, as you can imagine from a horde of daring adventurers, have a cracking anecdote or two.

First of all, which travel bloggers list would be complete without a look at Matt Kepnes, also known as Nomadic Matt and owner of the blog of the same name?
He has been featured on a range of giant media sites, including The New York Times, CNN, BBC, The Guardian and many more.

Lets dive in with some basic information.


Site name: Nomadic Matt

Blogger: Matt Kepnes

Profession: Travel writer and professional blogger
See his books on Amazon

Inspiration for travel: His first trip to Costa Rica and several back packers he met along the way. You can read more about them here.

Style of writing

Matt’s writing is confident, knowledgeable and very readable. His conversational and personal language provides an easy-going, casual vibe to his posts – something which most young, aspiring travellers will appreciate.
His consistent referencing of situations, memories and people he’s met over the years also lend a warming level of authenticity.


What is ‘Nomadic Matt’ about and does it have a unique angle?

As can be inferred from the five ‘popular’ titles below, Matt’s blog is very much about him sharing practical and commonly sought-after advice from his past experience of personal travel. His posts are also interspersed with embedded videos and beautiful original photography.


While his content does have a slight slant towards saving money and generally being efficient (packing/planning etc.), his blog covers all aspects of travelling, often taking a ‘common questions answered’ type format.

To get an idea of what to expect, try perusing the section on ‘How to save for any trip.’ There’s plenty of useful tips and advice here.

It should also be said that Matt tackles some of the bigger social, historical and even philosophical questions about travelling and the motivations behind it. Posts such as ‘Has technology ruined the travel experience?’ or ‘What makes a nomad a nomad?’ are good examples of a few posts you would be unlikely to find on other personal travel blogs.

Most popular posts

To get you started on Matt’s blog, we’ve tracked down the 5 posts that have generated the most buzz and social shares. These each have over 7,000 shares across social media, including at least 5,000 Facebook shares. Enjoy!


Our favourite posts

As it’s a subject close to our heart, we are quite keen on Matt’s tech-related posts. Give these a go:

A special mention goes out to a regular guest blogger, Kristin Addis, as we also particularly enjoyed the post: ‘Why solo female travel is different.’

As you may expect, this is one travel-related subject that Matt can hardly be the authority on and it is handled skillfully from the talented blogger from Be My Travel Muse.

It’s an honest take on being a single and assured female travelling through cultures in which such a person is rare, or at the very least is frowned upon or misunderstood.

Treatment from locals, shop vendors and even authority figures such as policemen is covered and Kristin generously shares with the readers various anecdotes and solutions she has discovered for various re-occurring scenarios.


Other highlights:

Matt’s site contains an interactive map from which you can drill down into a number of countries for detailed travel guides, offering all kinds of information ranging from what to visit, information on exchange rates and even recommendations about local cuisine.



Follow Matt on social media

As you might expect, Matt has extremely large Twitter and Facebook followings. Both accounts are updated regularly, posting original content, sharing advice and photos, as well as personal stories and even a fair few jokes.

Find him here. Follow and say hi!

Stick with us and explore the wealth of travel bloggers that exist out there online. Do you have any favourite writers you think we should interview or cover? Let us know in the comments below.

(Cover photo from Matt’s Facebook page)

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