The winners and losers guide to driving: Volume I

Think you win at driving?

Think again. We have compiled some of the greatest driving winners to show you where you’ve been going wrong. There are also a couple of losers who are there as a benchmark to never stoop so low. Not to forget the situations you should avoid at absolutely all costs.

This is volume one of the best car gifs and videos.


Now to get things started, this might well be the most satisfying bit of driving ever. Don’t tell me you’re not jealous.

The smoothest turn ever








Continuing on the racetrack we find this little guy who just wanted to go home.


The Runaway Wheel









Perhaps this young man felt a little too at home on the racetrack

(DISCLAIMER: definitely don’t try this one at home)



He can’t have been much older than this chap.


Not The BEst Driver











That didn’t end too well.

Ok now for something a little smoother.


Smooth Parking









But the king of smooth has to be…



Smooth Criminal









The winner of the 2015 Best Car Entry puts in a stellar performance


Slipping Into The Car










Moving swiftly on.

We can only praise modern safety developments. Just to see how far cars have come check this one out.



This man may argue they’ve gone too far.



And could this be the worst bit of parking ever? NB: it’s 14 minutes long… you get the picture.



‘Help thy neighbour’ is still going strong.


And to end on something heart-warming. Bear cubs. Enjoy!


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