The 10 worst things about public transport

In a recent Ford survey, it was found that, to many workers, their commutes are more stressful than their actual jobs. Here we explore the ordinary and the extraordinary reasons that a commute can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.

1) When aspiring free runners, acrobats or stuntmen try and bolster their machismo by racing the very train they’re currently on.


2) When health enthusiasts miss their morning Pilates and decide to play catch up before breakfast.

Public Transport Annoyances - Part-time yoga


3) When people love their music so much they guiltlessly inflict their questionable tastes upon nearby commuters.


4) Inconsiderate or oversized baggage. Seriously, a Ryan Air-style limit on luggage size could be worth thinking about, TFL!


Public Transport Annoyances - Space



5) ‘The mobile nappers!’

Public Transport Annoyances

Public Tranport Annoyances - Sleepy Commuters @SleepyCommuters



6) Of course, the Starers!

Public Transport Annoyances - Starers

It’s worse when you feel like you’ve seen them somewhere before….

Public Transport Annoyances - Nick Cage


7) Alarming a.m. fancy dress rarely adds to the commuting atmosphere.

Public Transport Annoyances - Fancy Dress


8) When celestial anomalies result in a lack of protection from the elements – your one comfort on a crowded morning train!

Public Transport Annoyances - Rain


9)  The depressingly frequent and heart-wrenching sight of others who have fallen victim to the never-ending torment of public transport.

Public Transport annoyances - bagdoor


10) And finally, the people who have no excuse for taking up valuable train space at all.

Public Transport Annoyances - Car


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