Holiday and travel trends for the UK 2015

With the release of ABTA’s 2015 Travel Trends Report, we’ve taken a look at typical patterns for British travellers this year.

Technological travel is trending, according to numerous national newspapers, largely in the form of wearable devices such as Google Glass and smartwatches. While teleportation devices are probably still a long way off, hotels, airlines and travel companies are already recognising an influx of techy travellers. Apps have been designed which permit smartwatches to replace room keys and can even be used to book flights, download boarding passes, check in to flights and find the best holiday deals.

Intelligent Travel

From 9 million devices in 2013 to 180 million predicted by 2016, it seems as though 2015 will be the turning point for technological travel. Who knows where this will lead us in the years to come, this particular writer predicts zero gravity tourism to become a more mainstream and most importantly affordable avenue.

It’s no secret that Britons have had to play it safe for the past few years with their holiday choices. As we rise out of a difficult economic period, however, we expect not-so-standard destinations for UK travellers on their jet-setting fix. According to ABTA’s report, 35% are likely to take a holiday to a country they have never visited: Austria, Botswana, Cuba, Japan and Norway all made the top 10 list. You’d be surprised at some of the places you can conveniently pick up an easyCar rental. Check out our site for further information.

The Age of Intelligent Travel

With many British nationals set to visit unfamiliar grounds, we can certainly think of 2015 as the year of ‘intelligent travel’. New territory means more research, and it’s for this reason that we will become more prepared and informed about where to go and what each place has to offer.

Mongolia has waived visas for UK visitors until the end of 2015; this is one perfect example of how a little research can open up new doors to the world which may previously have been difficult to prise open. Here, you can take a trip along the famous Trans-Mongolian Express, from Moscow to Ulan Baatar, where the Naadam Festival of wrestling, archery and horse racing will be taking place this July.

Women at the Naadam Festival

You could even hop on board the Eurostar, where new year-round direct services from London’s St. Pancras to Marseille and Lyon from May, whisk you off to the heart of the continent. Being a ‘smart traveller’ may also include combining events such as weddings with longer holidays, saving money on the transport costs. This growing trend allows you to save a little money by not organising another separate holiday later on or earlier in the year, but also allows you to explore the Bahamas a little better after a family wedding.

During this year’s International Expo (1st May – 31st October), for example, Milan will flex its cultural muscles while highlighting the region’s culinary excellence. If you plan on going this year you can hire a car from Milan Airport with easyCar.

The Growth of the City Break

Intertwined with this new-destination trend is an increase in city breaks, overtaking beach holidays as the most popular type of holiday in 2014 (35% and 34%, respectively). National Geographic’s ‘Cool List’ has dubbed the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, the gateway for the temples of Angkor, as a likely spot for British travellers, as well as cities across Mykonos, Nicaragua, Brazil and other South American cities.

New Destinations in Travel - Angkor
Angkor Temples

Finally, from the artificial trend of technology in travel, we come to the increasing desire to experience a truly authentic and immersed taste of the country we decide to visit. Certain to delight foodies, the peer-to-peer dining experience for local cuisine is allowing travellers to be paired up with home cooks at their holiday destination.

Visitors are invited into the cook’s home for meals or cooking lessons, multiple websites (such as Airbnb) catering to holidaymakers who are looking to find both value and authenticity as well as sampling local cuisine and meeting new people. After the meal, visitors can review their hosts in terms of food quality, level of cleanliness and the venue within which they socialized. While not quite a mainstream trend just yet, it’s certain to hit the main stage any time now.

Filled with the desire to visit rarely-explored places in the world, meet the locals and immerse oneself into authentic culture, whilst planning the next day on a smartwatch, all we can guarantee is that 2015 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for UK travelers.

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