In the driving seat or riding shotgun, where would you rather be?

Hiring a car while on holiday has often been seen as a practical necessity, an expectation that we at easyCar are trying to surpass. The ease with which you can hire through our website means when you arrive at the airport or rental point it’s often as easy as picking up, jumping in and driving away. No longer a practical necessity but something a whole lot more enjoyable. But what car would you like to be pulling away in?

A recent poll carried out by SkyScanner quizzed participants on their expectations about car hire and exactly what it was they look for when booking. The car that came out on top in this very British survey was perhaps no surprise; the reliable Range Rover proved the most popular hypothetical rental option in the survey, with 25% saying that they would choose this as their ideal car.


The majority of women (40%) said that they would prefer a sports utility vehicle, while 1 in 5 men thought an Aston Martin would be the ideal choice as a rental. 13% of men weren’t concerned what make of car they got so long as it was a convertible. Only 3% of women consider this as an important feature.

The survey also reveals an interesting point about who would like to take the hot seat of the rental; 80% of men would prefer to take to the wheel, while 68% of women would much prefer to ride shotgun.

Having been the backseat driver and driver whilst abroad on multiple occasions I know the fury and frustration that can come when you lose your way in a foreign country, especially surrounded by signs you don’t fully understand. This is why it comes as a shock that Sat Nav was deemed only the third most important feature.

The statistics also reveal our penchant for holidays in sun: the most popular feature was air conditioning. 39% of respondents said this was an absolute essential in any rental car. While we may be on holiday, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have an eye on the purse strings; fuel efficiency was the second most important feature, with just under 1 in 4 people saying this was essential.

To the casual observer, it would seem the respondents have been watching a few too many Bond films. Some of the ‘dream’ features people would like to see sound like they’ve come straight out of Q’s lab. 13% said they would appreciate an amphibious car, reminiscent of the fantastically retro Bond car in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

Perhaps something more likely to have been suggested by Bond than MI6 is the desire for a fridge to store drinks and snacks. Just over 1 in 10 people said this would be a desirable feature. Not forgetting the 27% who just want to chill out, demanding their car has a hands-free autopilot feature.

Feet planted firmly back in the real world, easyCar may not be able to offer some of these more fantastical features but we sure can offer competitive rates and some very nice premium and luxury cars ourselves. Check out our website at today to find your own ideal rental car for your next excursion!

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