Top 10 things to take on a road trip

Taking the car is definitely one of the best ways to explore an area or visit a new place. The open road and freedom affords a greater sense of the journey undertaken, as well as achievement on reaching your destination, but this can all change if you leave yourself unprepared for the journey ahead. Below are the top ten things we see as essential to any road trip.

1. First Aid kit

A first aid kit is an important item to pack before starting a road trip. Medical incidents can happen at any time and it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. A well-packed first aid kit should have medical tape, elastic bandages, saline, soap, antiseptic and sterile gauze pads. In case of an accident you can patch up an injured party before heading to the hospital for professional help if necessary.

2. Maps and Satellite Navigation

A map with detailed markings of all routes and stops you will be making is essential for the journey. Having a map will eliminate the chances of you and the rest of the party from constantly pulling over to ask for directions. Satellite navigation, smartphones and tablets with internet access can give you access to electronic navigation maps, which means you should never get lost. We still recommend taking a paper map as well though, just in case you lose signal.

3. The Right Vehicle

It’s important that the vehicle for your road trip is right for your needs. If you need a family car then you need to make sure that your car has enough room to comfortably and safely fit all the family and their baggage. Maybe you need an SUV for your road trip so that you have somewhere to sleep if you want to camp out. easyCar can help you find the perfect vehicle for your road trip.

4. Your favourite music playlist

No road trip is complete without the tunes to match. Talking with each other will become tiring at some point (trust us). Look for a car with MP3 player connection or DAB radio With a smartphone or MP3 loaded with songs that all of you have chosen, you can connect it with the car stereo and listen while driving. Music can create a relaxing mood, drive energy levels high or provide something for everyone to sing along to. It’s also great for a game of beat the intro to fill the hours on the road.

5. Apps for travelling

TV ravel apps provide useful information such as budget hotels, best routes and local weather conditions of a particular area. Did you know you can type ‘Ok Google’ into Google Maps to save a map for offline use? That way you can download the maps you need on WiFi and you can avoid paying data download costs or trying to navigate when there’s no signal.

6. Cooler box and snacks

Snacks such as fruit, sandwiches, crackers and nuts among others are necessary sustenance while on the road. Water bottles and other soft drinks should be packed so that you can quench your thirst.

7. Comfortable items

Depending how long your trip is some of the passengers may want a nap along the way. So consider taking pillows and blankets. Drivers may want to switch over and get some well-earned rest while a companion takes the wheel (make sure your insurance covers multiple drivers if you do this.) It is important to avoid wearing clothes that are very tight or shoes with a high heel. The more comfortable you are, the more you will enjoy the trip. Hats, gloves and warm jackets are useful to keep in the boot, as no matter how warm it is in the day, the temperature will drop significantly once darkness falls.

8. Toiletries

Make sure that your car is packed with all the toiletries you think you’ll need – Sun cream, hand wash, insect repellent, toilet roll and tissues, etc.

9. Sunglasses

If you’re taking a road trip in summer, or in a sunny country, then sunglasses are one of the most important things you can bring with you. If you’re the driver then they are especially important. Accidents have been caused because the sun unexpectedly blinded a driver. Glaring into sunlight all day will tire the eyes faster and cause headaches, that can seriously affect a driver’s decision-making.

10. Electric power inverters

Smartphones, laptops and cameras are gadgets you may want to take on your road trip. They will need to be charged if you want to use them regularly. This can be achieved by using a power inverter, which allows you to convert the power of the vehicle into a mains charger.

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