Are these the worst ten places to park in the world?

You’ve all seen them: those loose canons pulled up across two parking spaces. You undoubtedly cursed the fact that they decided to come shopping at that moment in time. How dare they?


No matter how terrible your neighbourhood happens to be, it could be worse. Bet you haven’t seen parking this bad before.


Here are the world’s top-ten worst places to leave a car, ordered from best to worst. Do you agree with our choices?



‘‘Car-Park Tetris,’ that new phenomenon created by SEGA Entertainment, has really taken off in the Netherlands.



Original Source: ‘Internet Picture Dictionary.’

Definition: ‘Selfish.’



A rare snap of Jeremy Clarkson’s moped!



And the prize for most poorly planned car park goes to….



After only twenty minutes, the local council began to regret cutting costs on building materials.



The owner’s insurance plan was shortly escalated up a step!



The coach driver was a zealous landlubber.



To add insult to injury, the baffled policeman returned to a ticket as well as an indentation. Worst day ever!?



Before this fateful evening, the restaurant regulars didn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘surprise.’



Harry and Ron knew they had gone too far this time.


Seen any worse parkers about town? Send us your photos and where you think they would fit into our list. We’ll add any that are truly terrible!

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