Top 5 Family Activities in Rome

Are you thinking of taking a family holiday to the magnificent and ancient city of Rome? Whilst Rome’s world famous attractions aren’t famed for their “child-friendly” qualities, rest assured that with such a rich history comes lots of choice. And you will never be short of entertainment when in this great city. Rome is a lot more child-friendly than you may think, and you and your family will certainly have a great time.

That said, we recognise that travelling with children can be stressful enough, let alone having to navigate an alien public transport system. If you are planning to travel to Rome this summer, then you can cut out the stress by booking ahead with easyCar and having a rental car waiting for you at Fiumicino Airport.

Here are five activities that your children can enjoy in the beautiful city:

1. Become a gladiator at the Coliseum

Children tend to love the Coliseum, the ancient amphitheatre (the largest in the world) that sits right in the centre of modern Rome.

Rome Colisseum

After telling them the stories of the great gladiator battles that took place here long ago, you can put them in gladiator school for the afternoon. It’s entirely safe, and your children won’t stop raving about it for a long time after the day is over. They will even get a certificate that will serve as a memento of their day as a gladiator.

2. Go on a treasure hunt in Vatican City

Vatican City has amazing art and architecture. It’s recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s the smallest internationally recognised state on this earth. These facts probably won’t interest your children, but what will interest them is the Treasure Hunt Tour. Not only will this be a fun and enjoyable activity for the younger members of the family, they may learn something as well.

3. Take in the views and shop on the Ponte Sisto Stroll

This famous footbridge has views that children will love, and it’s a must-see attraction for photography enthusiasts. Most children love shops as they are full of all sorts of mementos and trinkets, and there are plenty of shops in this area to keep them entertained.

4. Climb the Gianicolo Hill

You can see Rome in its entirety from this vantage point. It won’t be a struggle convincing the children to climb the hill, especially if you go on the weekend, the promise of an old-fashioned puppet show at the top will keep those little legs walking. Be warned though, at noon everyday there is the traditional noon-day gun fired from the area, don’t worry you and the family will be completely safe. It’s just worth bearing in mind in case your little ones are frightened of loud bangs.

5. Throw a penny into Trevi Fountain

Rome Trevi Fountain

Allow your little ones to throw a penny into one of the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain. The structure was constructed in 1762, but has a history that extends back further than that. It is said that if you throw a penny into this fountain you’ll return to Rome.

So why not go for a trip to Rome with the family and give these activities a try? You’ll solve the problem of entertaining your kids and you’ll all have a great cultural experience as well. While you’re at it, you and your kids may want to enjoy a gelato – Italian ice cream that is famed for its velvety creaminess. And don’t forget to book your easyCar vehicle before travelling.

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