Our top 10 DIY and gardening-project ideas for you to try this May Bank Holiday

May Bank Holiday is the time of year when most people do DIY work and odd jobs around the house. Here is a list of simple DIY and gardening tricks that will save time, money and energy in various different ways around the house. See how many you can squeeze in over the coming Bank-Holiday weekend!

Add height and layers to your garden

This can be done in a few different ways. Placing plants and shrubs that grow taller behind those that hug the floor is a good start. You could also try buying some raised plinths or small trees to add even greater depth. Training climbing plants, such as ivy, along a trellis attached to perimeter fences gives the appearance of being hemmed in by nature and adds a little privacy to your garden. Most large garden centres will sell these things so swing by early on Saturday morning, ready to get to work over the weekend.

Plant a window herb garden

Cooking with fresh herbs can be wasteful. The amount needed never seems to match up with what’s on display at the market and you’re often left with an unwelcome mess at the bottom of your salad drawer. A window herb garden not only freshens up your kitchen but also avoids all that waste. There’s nothing like the fragrant aroma of Basil in the morning! Construction tips can be found here.

Erect a shed in your garden

A shed is a gardener’s best friend. They are a place to leave your tools, coax young plants into maturity and get away from the rush of the real world. They are very reasonably priced and serve as a great retreat. What better way to spend your bank holiday than building a private sanctuary, cut off from the daily rush? These can be bought at most good garden centres and home stores. By hiring a van you can make sure you have a vehicle big enough to get it home.

Create a workspace

So many people find their creative output hampered by a lack of workspace; and who really has the room for a bulky desk? Building a work surface into the wall saves space and provides an effective yet minimal area to hammer out work and ideas. Also, it will nearly always work out at a fraction of the cost of a normal desk. For some inspiration, check here.

Install blackout shades

Not much improves the quality of your life more than better sleep. A dark bedroom is essential for healthy sleep and melanin production. Installing blackout shades eliminates the glow of the outside world that can disturb your rest.

Build a raised bed garden

This will save you money and a few trips to the produce section in your local supermarket. Use a few sturdy boards to form a wall or shelf before dumping in a bag of topsoil – simple! You will be amazed at how productive a small space can be. Go for seasonal veg for best results and potatoes are particularly space efficient.

Build a pond

There are a few ways you can go about building a pond. You could go the whole hog, and dig a ditch in the garden and buy a pre-made ground layer. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do that, don’t panic! Water features of any size look great. Buying a big garden pot, plugging the base and adding some rocks and pebbles at the bottom will be sure to create a water feature that will be alive with activity next spring. Our top tip is to try and get rocks that are a mixture of sizes. It makes the decoration more magical and charming. For some top tips on how to do this, read here.

Invisible bookshelves

Dusting and vacuuming around bookshelves takes time. Save yourself some hassle and add style to your flat by mounting a steel bookend to the wall and making your library appear to hang there weightless. It’s a seriously cool effect!

Double the storage space in your kitchen

A pokey, small kitchen can be quite an obstacle to a laid-back lunch, especially if you have a bulging collection of pots and pans. There is, however, a pretty easy workaround. Drop by Ikea and buy a pegboard, paint it a complimentary colour to your kitchen and attach some hooks. You can then hang your pots and pans from the wall and free up some prime cupboard real estate in the process. See how it is done here.

Build a hammock stand

There’s nothing like taking a nap in a hammock on a sunny afternoon, but trees have a bad habit of spacing themselves inconveniently. Never fear! Building a hammock stand is a simple project that can result in hours of relaxation after your DIY day is done. Perhaps you should attempt this one first! Learn more here.

While many find DIY and home improvement quite therapeutic, there are others who become stressed and frantic and end up wishing they were anywhere but next to the poorly constructed bookshelves, surrounded by bent nails.

To help you cope this weekend and manage your time and resources better, why not hire a van for a couple of days? A suitable vehicle is perhaps the most useful tool for a weekend of DIY or gardening. Whether popping down to Ikea, collecting materials and tools or simply moving furniture, access to a van really will help your home-improvement session run smoothly. Unconvinced? Have a scroll through our rental page and see what’s available near you. You won’t be disappointed!

Have any great DIY tips or challenges to share? We would love to hear them in the comment section below.

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