Should I hire at the airport or before?


Travelling abroad in the next few months? It’s definitely worth considering the benefits of arranging a hire car well in advance. It will save you a lot of grief and lets you hit the hallowed holiday ground running.

Not only is picking up a car at airport arrivals a gamble and expensive, it can also be restrictive with regards to model, extras, length of availability, deposit, and more.

There are several major advantages to arranging a hire car before you travel.

1. You can compare thousands of prices and car packages online, making it much easier to find the best possible deal to suit your needs. The potential savings are significant.

2. Not only will your pockets feel the benefit from our early-booking discounts but also by being prepared and organised you will feel happier and calmer – definitely the best way to begin your trip. A disorganized start can taint the rest of your holiday – not ideal!

3. Booking in advance means that the hire is confirmed and your car will be reserved. This is a big plus, as last-minute car rental can often leave the hopeful renter disappointed. Whether the desired car is unavailable, or you have to wait for something to be returned, hiring last minute is not always smooth sailing.

4. Hiring in advance can also avoid a number of cultural obstacles such as the dreaded language barrier or the all-too-common exchange-rate difficulties.

5. Booking in advance cuts down on time. You can collect the keys after bag collection, before heading straight to the parking lot. Any time saved on getting your holiday started is a big plus!

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