Our Favourite French Coastal Drives


The world’s most visited international destination, France, is such a wonderful country and it’s on our doorstep; so there is simply no reason not to visit! Plug in the sat-nav and get on the road!

Suitable for surfers

One of the longest routes covers more than 200 miles and starts in the city of Bordeaux. Surfers will love this one as there are many idyllic water-sport spots and golden beaches along the way. Make sure you find yourself a rack for your boards and equipment.

From Bordeaux, the best way is to go on to Lacanau, and then to Mimizan Plage. Definitely check out the small town of Hossegor, a jovial and buzzing resort, which offers a very relaxed atmosphere, a perfect chill-out spot after an afternoon on the waves. The upmarket town of Biarritz is next en route, and here you get to enjoy old-world charm alongside great surfing, attractive bistros and trendy nightspots.

Explore the coastline

Take the route between Montpellier and Bouzigues, a real seaside town where visitors can enjoy fresh shellfish and go bird spotting around the nearby lagoons. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Another great route is along the Brittany coast. Arriving in Roscoff you can simply drive straight off the ferry and get straight to exploring the ornate coastline which is littered with beautiful beaches, buzzing resorts and charming inlets. The Crozon peninsula is popular with visitors, thanks to its forts, fishing ports and clean, quiet beaches. This is a route that can be explored easily within a day or two, however, with so much going on it’s nice to really take your time and get to know every nook and cranny.

An idyllic island drive

The French island of Corsica offers a drive between Calvi and L’Ile-Rousse. By taking a car rental it means that the 24km of coastline can be easily covered in a day. There are a host of small picturesque villages and crystal-clear seas bordering the route. When you’re tired of driving, why not stop off for a coffee or take a walk along one of beaches. The perfect stop off!

Do you frequent the shores of our continental neighbour? Are you a connoisseur of all things Français? Let us know your favourite drives in the comments below.


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