A Few of Our Favourite Coastal Drives in Germany


Germany has plenty of great driving routes for anyone who enjoys rugged scenery and smooth, wide roads. The majority of the country, however, has no coastline so to see the sea it’s necessary to head north and explore the historic Baltic region. This is a widely popular destination to visit and explore thanks to the area’s islands, beaches and beauty.

A great route to follow is the coastline between Kiel and the island of Usedom. This section of the coast has long, beautiful beaches which have been popular for swimmers and sun worshippers for many years. Make sure to stop by and soak up some sunlight.

It is the island of Usedom, however, that gets the most hours of direct sunlight and is, in fact, the sunniest place in Germany. The island also offers plenty of spa facilities for those who want to spend some time relaxing and recuperating. There are also a number of famous and sought-after seaside resorts to explore and experience. This island is definitely not to be missed.

Rugen, located nearby, is Germanys largest island. This is where you’ll find the famous national park, Jasmund, which has been categorised as a World Heritage natural site and is the location of the largest chalk cliffs in Germany – a truly majestic sight! Anyone keen on natural history should definitely pay this island a visit as it boasts a remarkable selection of flora and fauna due to its unusual geological makeup, many of which are extremely rare.

Just across the sea are the towns of Stralsund and Wismar which too are both cultural World Heritage sites. Stralsund is connected to the island by two bridges and is heavily characterized by medieval German architecture. You would be mad to miss this historic coastal town. It is quintessentially Baltic.

The region of Schleswig-Holstein features coastlines on both the Baltic and North Seas. Its border with Denmark helps to give it a wonderful cultural diversity and variety that will be of interest to many. Notable cities along with Kiel include: Neumünster, Lübeck and Flensburg.

The area where the North Sea meets Germany also has some great features. You will come across such wonders as the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, a magnificent flatland resort embracing the enchanting mudflats and salt marshes stretching out towards the sea. This too has been given World Heritage status and is home to the wonderful East Frisian Islands.

Trust us, not many places are as atmospheric and majestic as northern Germany. For a real blow-out driving experience head to the north coast. You won’t regret it!

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