5 ways you can make your airport experience as pain-free as possible


No one likes airports. The excitement of going away is put on hold as you drudge through check-in, passport control and then boarding. Only to be greeted by the same process at the end of your flight. With that in mind, here are a few stress-busting tips for the next time you’re in an airport.

1. Some forward-thinking airports have free Wi-Fi, but unfortunately most don’t. No problem if you’re in your home country and you have a mobile Internet allowance. However, things get a bit more annoying when you’re on a long stopover and Internet charges cost you an arm and a leg. Try positioning yourself near one of the frequent flyer lounges and you never know, you may just be able to jump onto their free Wi-Fi. Sneaky, I know.

2.Overnight stops can be a pain, and an expensive one at that. Early morning flights, long lay-overs or freak weather may all mean an overnight stay in an unknown city. Beat the hotel costs by using the sleeping airports website. The world’s airports are listed from A to Z and detail how good your airport is for sleeping in and where best you can get a good night’s sleep.

3. The best days to travel tend to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Why? Well vacationers tend to travel on weekends. Business travellers however, are looking to get to a location at the beginning or towards the end of the week. So take advantage of the quieter departure lounge and cheaper flights by travelling midweek.

4. Preparing your phone before arriving is really important. Whether that means charging the battery or downloading the app for your airline, its well worth being prepared. Many airlines have released free apps, where you can store boarding passes, check-in and be alerted to flight delays/cancellations. Not to mention the wealth of music, film and games available to you.

5. Delays and cancellations can really unhinge a holiday. Sometimes you are given a moments notice that a flight is no longer delayed, but actually leaving on time. Regardless of how long the delay is, it is worth proceeding towards the gate. Departure boards lag behind real time and take a few minutes to be updated. Staying by the gate means you don’t have to run the length of the airport. There is also generally a member of staff who will have up-to-the minute updates.

These are just five ideas to beat the stress and boredom that comes with the airport experience. Let us know yours below…

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