Better to drive: 5 Reasons to avoid the airport transfer and make sure you have a car waiting for you


There’s something vastly different between a break or holiday with your own transport to the homogenous airport transfer, hotel and back routine.

In many parts of Europe you will miss out on the hidden gems and the excitement of driving off to unknown pleasures with only the mythical guidance of a local enthusiast.

Having a car means you can avoid the tourist traps, avoid the crowds and feel like you are creating your own unique memories, rather than those in a 1970s holiday brochure.

Here are 5 things you would really struggle to do, without your own transport:

1. A drive to the beautiful La Pelosa beach in Sardinia, 40km from the stunning town of Alghero and well worth the drive

2. La route du bord de mer from Nice, a coastal stretch along the French Riviera that takes in the lovely coastal town of Antibes and vistas of the Alps.

3. A detour to the road over the Great St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland for some of the best alpine views (Clarkson voice) in the world.

4. Continuing the alpine theme, the Hahntennjoch pass in Austria, while not for the faint hearted, is glorious and not particularly famous, so you might be lucky with the traffic.

5. And, probably the grand-daddy, featured in National Geographic’s 500 drives of a lifetime, the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Gorgeous coastlines, fantastic food, friendly locals and those heart-breakingly beautiful towns that Italy does best, make this one for the bucket list.

See, with wheels wins, almost every time.

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